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Inspired by the small European cities, Gramado and Canela are as an only one. Virtually it has no distinction between the tourist points of one place or another. They are located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost Brazil adjacent to Uruguay, in the region formerly known as Banda Oriental of the past Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. Both cities have an evident European influence in the architecture, traditions and customs. But the region has the unmistakable gaucho flavor and certainty cozy to be in Brazil.

The straight-line distance between the two cities is 6.44 km; the distance by car is 7 km and it takes 14 minutes to move from Gramado to Canela.

The tourist attractions are relatively close. To find out some points of Canela as the Parque del Caracol or the Little Castle, you’ll need to go by car. But it is very near and it is worth knowing.

In the center of Gramado, you could look for the Center of Tourist Information. The staff is helpful and provides several information and brochures for those who have doubts about the tours. Do not forget walking on the Covered Street, pass through the Plaza Major Nicoletti and know the MiniMundo.

Gramado and Canela are cities planned for tourism. They have a little bit of everything: nature, museums, restaurants and buildings. There is so much to know that you will need to select previously what you would like.

Gramado and Canela now have a bus tour to take you to the main attractions. Broker Tourism offers a progressive discount for buying tickets for two or three days. The panoramic tour has 12 stops and two lines: the green one (which extends to the Alpen Park) and the blue one (which passes through Snowland and Ravanello Winery). During the trip, the tourist will be provided with basic information on the tourist attractions in Portuguese, English and Spanish.


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